How to use Offline Explorer Enterprise to access websites offline?

Hi all,
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Does anyone know how to download a website (365Datascience) since today is the last day for free access?
Also, I tried to use Offline Explorer Enterprise on learnsql website, the same behavior.

I did try to download the website using offline explorer enterprise but when I try to access the course content it says “I didn’t download this page” and when I click to download the page it keeps sending requests and receive delay respond and the page is not saved and I can’t access it.

Any help would be appreciated,



FYI : As for the 365 Data Science course. I will share the 26gb upload of all the courses after I finish downloading the web scraping module which is new to the pack.

For your Offline Explorer query I am sure others will get back to you soon.


Hope this will help you! :slight_smile:

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