How To Use Multiple WhatsApp On A Single Phone

  • Open WhatsApp on your primary phone.

  • Press the 3-dot icon on Android or the Settings icon on iOS and select Linked Devices from the menu.whatsapp settings linked devices ios

  • Inside the Linked Devices page, press the Link a Device button, and authenticate using your Fingerprint/Touch ID/Face ID (if prompted) to open the QR code link a device button to open qr scanner whatsapp

  • Now install the latest WhatsApp app on your other phone and open it.

  • Select your language and then press Agree and Continue button.accept whatsapp terms of service

  • Press the Ellipsis (vertical three dots) icon on the Enter your Phone Number screen and select Link a device from the menu to generate your device specific QR link a device option from whatsapp menu on signing page

  • Scan this QR code using the QR code scanner of WhatsApp on your primary phone and allow it to complete the setup.scanning linked device qr code from primary whatsapp phone

  • After some time, all your WhatsApp contacts and conversations will appear on your other phone.

  • Congratulation, you have successfully installed WhatsApp on two devices with the same number. You can link 3 more devices using the steps mentioned above and stay connected with your WhatsApp contacts on multiple phones.



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