How To Use Instagram By Creating Your Own Merchandise Business!

Make some money using Instagram by creating your own merchandise business

1. Start by visiting any merchandise website that allows you to create & sell your own merch.

There are many websites out there but today I am going to pick Teespring.

2. Once you have created an account on Teespring it is important to remember that you are going to be leftover with $11-$12 every purchase you receive. Since Teespring takes half of the price due to manufacturing the custom merch.

3. For this tutorial, we will be creating Meme apparel. There are a lot of people out there who love purchasing meme apparel. For this step, you will want to have some good experience with photoshop as you will be designing different meme clothing.

Important to remember that creating the up - to date meme apparel is key and no dead memes.

4. Once you have created your first shirt or hoodie it’s time to make some MONEY!. Start by going on Instagram, you can create a new account it does not matter. You will be searching for meme pages with a high follower count. Usually, meme pages with 200k + will take ages to respond to you. So search for one that has 60k and accepts promotions.

Promotions are cheap and usually go for $10 - $20.

5. Once you have made a deal you should expect some sales, it depends on the meme page itself and it’s community following.

Don’t expect to make money straight away but once you have made some sales you can simply integrate your store using Shopify and have a clean front end and possibly have your own meme clothing brand.

Good luck with earning! It’s a worth method

A Friend of mine did this and keep getting paid, he told me to publish this guide. privacy privacy, can’t direct to him.



Worth giving it a try thank you. @SaM


i love the idea. thank you @SaM

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