How To Use Android Mobile As Speaker For Your Computer

In this post we learn how to use android mobile as speaker for your computer.


  1. Sound wire app for android.
  2. Sound wire software for computer.


  1. First install sound wire software in your android mobile and in your laptop.

  2. Next connect your android mobile with your laptop by WiFi connection.This sound wire app and software didn’t need any data.

  3. Now open sound wire software in laptop in that,server address place has your laptop IP address.Copy that IP address Now open sound wire app in your android mobile and enter your laptop IP address in your android phone server address.

  4. After entering the IP address click the sound wire app logo.

  5. Now your mobile will be connected with your laptop,In laptop status option will change into connected.

  6. Now if you see film or songs in laptop your mobile will act as speaker for laptop.

Sound Wire Server

DOWNLOAD For Computer :Click Here For Android :Click Here


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