How To Upgrade Crunchyroll Account | Method

Step 1: Register a new Crunchyroll account
Step 2: Press buy premium (https://www.crunchyr…ck…ership=fan)
Step 3: Choose One Year Mega Fan and click Skip Trial
Step 4: Select Egypt as your country and use zip code 0000
Step 5: Use one of the following cards(fake cards):



Thank You brother. It worked

Thank You!

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thank you, it worked

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Thanks a lot….it worked
Awesome share

The link is broken

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unauthorised request

Start from buy fan plan. You will be asked to create an account there.

yup my account is still working. Made one account yesterday too.

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can i use these fake cards anywhere

does anyone else get “unauthorized request” error?

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When you get “Unauthorized request” error, this usually means this is your 3rd card or bin that you’ve tried.

You have to change IP using VPN and change the email account you are using to sign up again.

It says this “There was a problem with your card. Please try again.” when I want to confirm CC.

Working method:

BIN: 557039634420xxxx
ZIP CODE: 00000
IP: Own
Switch to Russia at the time of payment


worked, thanks.

It works but the status of the payment is pending so we do not really know if it will last for one year.

worked, thanks a lot

Wtf this was too easy… Thanks for the free anime.

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Account Own
BIN: 557039634420xxxx
ZIP CODE: 00000
City Russia
IP: Russia VPN

If Error says “Unauthorized”, due to multiple attempts IP is suspicious, try after few hours
If Error says “Invalid Card” Try different card no. and CVV


It doesn’t work anymore, accounts are even losing the premium status. Seems like CR disabled every subscription that used this method…

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