How To Unlock An iCloud Locked Phones 💯

This method is not very simple but enough dedication

For some reason everyone seems to believe that bypassing an icloud locked phone and making it untraceable is impossible. Well it actually isn’t and I have done it many times. This is how…

  1. Place the target phone in front of a good-quality camera and start recording (DLSR cameras are prefered).
  2. Reboot your icloud locked phone three times (just to be sure).
  3. Play the camera footage in slow motion and write down the icloud email. (When you reboot the phone and the screen turns on you will be able to see the typical iphone lockscreen for a split second. In the lockscreen notifications there will be a notification by icloud saying that the phone has been icloud locked by e-mail x.)
  4. After you capture the e-mail carry out your OSINT analysis and through the means (I prefer Social Engineering by far) of your choice acquire the passcode for the icloud account.
  5. Plug in the phone in a VM, connect it with Windows Icloud client and reset it.
  6. Log in to the icloud account from a secure connection and simply unlock the phone from there.
  7. Now that it is no longer Icloud locked and you know the passcode simply setup the new phone.
  8. We are almost done. JailBreak the iphone and through cydia install the package meant to change the IMEI of the phone.
  9. Once the IMEI has been changed you are free to use your new phone! (I would personally completely change the IMEI chip of the phone its self but whatever you want)

Hope I have helped. It is important to point out that there has been more than a year since the last time I did this so I am not sure of whether it will still work. I do not see any reason for it not to but I am just pointing out in order to be honest with you guys.



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