How To Unblock Sites That Your School/College/Work Blocks | Get Access To Them! 💯

Hack Of The Day!

I found something worth as always, someone created it a short while ago, It will help all of you to access if any site or sites blocked at your school, college, it will give you access to use most of the sites, a simple ProxyBrowser that isn’t detected by most filters (afaik), it’s also badly disguised as google for ease of use and personal reasons.

Search Engine

Simply Type site link after https:// and hit Enter, now visit the site via the same window, Hopefully, you might be able to access the site.

NOTE: It might be possible it doesn’t work with every blocked site because I haven’t checked everywhere, so if you’re unable to access any site then avoid complaining, most of the sites do work so avoid pushing it.



Thanks, Sam.
It’s working.

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Thanks Sam. This works even ISP Level

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Thanks @SaM, it’s working amazingly :slight_smile:

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its working ! thanks

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For privacy reasons try not to enter any sensitive information in these sites via proxy browser (Personal opinion)


working !!
made me curious