How To Turn VPS/RDP Into A Proxy Complete Guide!

Note: This is all for a Windows VPS/RDP.

This is a really quick way to get everything setup, should take less than 5 minutes!

1 . Open your RDP and download + install FreeProxy Internet Suite from here

2 . Open up FreeProxy Internet Suite, and double click on ‘Proxy’

3 . Change the name to whatever you’d like. Client port as well, obviously has to be within the range of TCP ports. Remember, the ports have to be open on your firewall for this to work.

4 . Check ‘Use HTTP Authentication’

5 . Click on Permissions, Add resource, and choose HTTP Proxy service

You can tick ‘User must authenticate to gain access to this resource’ if you’d like to prevent unauthorized use of your proxy. For this to work, you have to setup user groups. I’ll include a video link at the end of this tutorial which will help you through the process.

6 . Click Done, Done, Done and when prompted to ‘select local binding’ just click yes

7 . Click Start/Stop, and Start under Service Mode

And that’s pretty much it!

To connect to your proxy, just use the IP address of your RDP (the IP address you use to connect to it), with the port number you set. Eg.

You need a static IP for this to work, and hence this works well with an RDP.

The video I used to make this guide is:…h?v=APaOb7AfAzo

The video also explains how to make blacklists (sites you can’t visit), user groups (usernames and passwords needed to connect to the proxy) and some other background information about proxy servers. I tried to make this guide as beginner friendly as possible, but if you didn’t understand it, I highly recommend for you to watch the video

And yes yes, I know the software is old, and so is the video (made in 2015), but it does the job, and it does it well - so don’t complain!

Hope that this was informative and helped you guys!

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a writer of this thread I’m actually Messenger! an anonymous shared with me to share here.



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