How To Turn On Mobile Phone

I need Help. my Mobile phone is Turned Off . and I m unable to turn on because the power button and the Volume up & Down Button is Not Working. I Have Searched on youtube but didn’t find any Working Method There. is there any Solution Plz Let me Know…

Note: Because of Crona We Are Not Allowed To Go Out …

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What’s your phone model?
Is it rooted?
Did u try searching this in XDA Forum?

When your phone is not turned on it can’t have a adb service running (Disregarding the possible technical difficulties it would also be a security issue.)

Try the following instead: 1. Take out your battery and connect the phone to a charger 2. Your phone should now turn on. 3. Insert your battery.

But in any case, if that doesn’t pulls the plug
Then try using adb commands with USB DEBUGGING ON!
Connect your device with PC, and get some adb commands directed to phone ! Use fastboot for better results

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Battery is Fixed … Any other method

Huawei Honor 4C (CHM-TL00H).
No its not Rooted

If the Battery is fixed/working fine, then the problem is with the power and volume buttons. Repairing those will fix the problem, probably!!
Check this:

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