How to translate English audio in any language in movies?

I’m looking for a software that converts the English audio into Hindi or German language! Thanks :slight_smile:

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thats not possible in my opinion

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but I check a lot of English movies in Hindi language so there is a possibility…

It’s because there are people who dub these movies to that particular language .

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what you need is to search as in :- hindi dubbed ,dual audio, fan dubbed etc.

Yea I got your point but the stuff I want to translate in no more there so I want to translate the audio and import into the movies. So I can grow my audience!

i dont think one can help u in this

upload to youtube, and youtube have auto translation

Its not possible to convert movie voice such us sound effects etc. People need to dubbed it if you want a new audio or what you called translation audio. Just watch with subtitles srt or watch with dual audio.

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Yea Now I’m agreed!