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If we are looking a Whatsapp call’s IP address on Kali Linux platform using the Wireshark tool it needs access to technical expertise and following of ethical standards. Moreover, keep your Kali Linux installed is also very important for the two reasons which are maximum performance and good security.

Updating the Kali Linux system to the latest version is very crucial before we begin the steps of identifying the IP address of a WhatsApp call. Periodically getting the computer software updated helps the systems to cover up for the security holes, performance improvement, and free from obsolescence.

To update your Kali Linux system, follow these steps:To update your Kali Linux system, follow these steps:

  • Open Terminal: Turn on the terminal from your Kali Linux computer. This can be implemented through two paths namely by clicking on the terminal icon or kbdk-kbdx-t.
  • Update Package Lists: Run the following command to bring up to date the lists of packages from repositories:
sudo apt update
  • Upgrade Installed Packages: - First, all package lists will have to be updated after which you should execute this command if you would like to upgrade all the installed applications to their latest versions:
sudo apt upgrade
  • Reboot System (Optional): In order to address this situation, it is recommended to perform system rebooting after the installation process is finished so that whatever the new configuration is that has been updated, applies properly.
sudo reboot

With your Kali Linux system up-to-date, you can now proceed to track the IP address of a WhatsApp call using the Wireshark tool:

With your Kali Linux system up-to-date, you can now proceed to track the IP address of a WhatsApp call using the Wireshark tool:

  • Install Wireshark (If Not Installed): So, if you don’t have wireshark preinstalled on your Kali Linux, you can install it by using the given command:
sudo apt install wireshark
  • Launch Wireshark: Next fetch the Wireshark window the app menu or by entering “wireshark” in the terminal window. In certain cases, you may have to ensure executing the script in root mode and use the sudo command.
  • Capture WhatsApp Call Traffic: Begin capturing network data packets via the interface that will be the flow of WhatsApp voice call traffic. Specify a filtering condition on UDP packets to display only the WhatsApp call-related UDP packets.

  • Analyze Packets and Extract IP Address: WithWireshark you can spy captured packets which would help you to discover the source and destination IP addresses associated with the WhatsApp call.

Through the listed steps and penning down the kernel of the spoofed wireshark program you can rightly disable the IP address of the WhatsApp call. As you perform such activities, bear in mind that in addition to privacy rights and ethical code of conduct, respect privacy rights and ethical principle.

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