How to Torrent Files for Free (many methods explained)

Thanks for sharing. Telegram really opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities. It is very immersive. I belong to similar groups on telegram but i have not had cause to use their services. Reason being i hardly ever use torrents as my source.

It’s good you shared this on here cos i know some folks may not be aware of these groups. Join up. It doesn’t cost a thing. If ot ain’t useful to you now, you just might have need for it sometime in the future. That’s what i do personally. I belong to so many groups and channels on telegram you tend to forget the names. But there is a trick i use by categorising all of them into unique my own customised list. This way i can easily find whatever o am looking for.

Telegram really revolutionised the world of technology and file sharing IMO. It’s ironic so many people still don’t realise the wealth of knowledge and tweaks possible with this app, and would rather stick to whatsapp. Each one has it’s merits though.

Once more, thanks for sharing your knowledge with us.


… And Over Every Possessor of Knowledge, There is (Some) One (Else) More Knowledgeable.


Thanks you very much for your sharing.

Wow. This is a useful information. Thanks so much. Please always share good stuff like this.

Thanks a lot for all that.

I registered to happybox free plan, but the dashboard says : “Expiration Date : 09/06/20”.

Thanks for mentioning that.

I forgot that Happybox free plan only remains for 1 month.

The original thread continues here…

10. Using heroku-aria2c (Highly recommended)

This method was posted by FlashyFlash, you can see this topic:

I made a simplified version for beginners of that method, you can see it here:

11. Using Torrent. ServerClouD

This method is really simple, just open the link below, paste a magnet link, then you’re ready. Keep in mind that the server will erase all the files everyday, so make sure that you download it or pload it to Google Drive remotely immediately.

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Great Job compiling all links… Thanks for sharing :star_struck:

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why didn’t u edit the og post (i.e the post above) and add this there tho?

I tried this…but it keeps disconnecting every few secs making it impossible to use…any solution?

Sorry, I don’t know why but the original post can’t be edited anymore, the edit button is missing (I’ve emailed the admin about this but they haven’t replied yet).

About the link you mentioned, I think the server is overloaded. I’ve tried to visit it with different browsers, but it didn’t help. The best thing to do is to visit it frequently and wait fot it until it’s usable.

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Awesome Post Mate Thanks you for sharing this :smiley:

More methods…

12. Using Sonicbit (formerly SonicSeedbox)

Sonicbit offers 4GB storage for free, but there are some restrictions, one of them is that you can’t delete torrented files in free account, you must wait 24 hours and they will be deleted automatically. Sonicbit also supports remote upload (kinda limited though if you use free account, but don’t worry, Gdrive is supported in free account)

13. Using torrent aio bot

Just visit it :smiley:

You can build by your own too…


Hello,how to enter the credentials for aio bot?I tried downloading some torrents but it keeps showing there is no token,credentials,can anyone help me out? @kerfuffle

@gbisheraz I haven’t tried to make an aio bot yet, sorry

New method guys

14. Using Tcloud (with Heroku)

Deploy this repo to Heroku and it’ll be ready (if you don’t have Heroku account, make one). You don’t have to configure anything with this, this is the easiest way to make your own private torrent leecher :grinning:

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I’m back guys, new methods here :smiley:

15, Using NewSpeedbox

I forgot the limit of free user plan, check it by yourself :wink:

16. Using

The free user limit of is 1GB/day or 5GB/week (and 1GB/file). Login with your fb account, then you’ll get some invite codes, when you reach the limit, just make a new account with those invite codes.

17. Using Online Torrent Leecher

Heroku based:


do u hv repo for this?nice find by the way and damn the list keeps on going

Here you go


18. Using Multiup

Free users can download torrent max 10GB. It also support Gdrive/other cloud storage upload. There’s a trick that can allow you to download torrent even when limit has been reached, just use inspect element and then change the submit button from disabled to enabled (I won’t teach you how to do this since I haven’t test this trick yet, I found this trick from a telegram group)


seems nice.
whats file size limit btw?