How To | The Easiest Way To Start Cracking & Getting Accounts

This is an old method but so many new members did not know it!

it contains only 2 steps!

1 : You need a combo list ofc ( You can search existing topic under combo lists)

2 : Go To** ** its a website that contains online checkers so u just need to put your combo and he starts checking and it’s done!

NOTE: not all checkers are fast ! and there are some nonworking checkers too!

I suggest the Spotify and the league of legends checkers :slight_smile:



This is fake website, i tried to check with a valid spotify accounts and it didn’t give me any valids :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:


doesn’t seem to work

This kind of stuff contains full of VIRUS. So be careful. I was infected in the past for trying to learn how to crack.