How To Target USA Audience On TikTok

Two methods to make sure you’re TikTok videos are being shown to USA audience for maximum earning opportunities

How to target the USA audience on TikTok
This is one of the most popular pain points for us marketers on TikTok. You create an account, start uploading but your content is only shown to your country’s audience. That generally sucks if you live in a small country, but want to target the USA audience. Luckily, there are some strategies that you can use to target your USA audience.

Sim Card Method

You will need to order a SIM card from the USA and have a separate phone + VPN with a kill switch. TikTok mainly gets your location data from the sim card inserted. When you’ve ordered the sim cards, you will need a separate phone. Do a complete factory reset on this phone, insert the sim card, and disable all location services. Then download NordVPN, just need the cheapest plan. We have some great sellers on this forum to get accounts. Select USA server and enable killswitch. When that’s done, download TikTok and sign up for a new account using EMAIL. You’re all set and should be seeing the USA audience and your videos should be shown to the USA audience as well.

What to do if you don’t want to buy sim cards and a separate phone?

Well, there’s a solution, but it’s not 100% proof. What you’ll need to do is use hashtags and sounds only creators in the USA are using. That way, you increase the chances of your videos being shown a little bit in that country and if they go viral, most of your views will come from that geo. This method DOES NOT guarantee that your content will be shown in the USA, but it increases the chances a lot.