How To TakeOut All Private Information From A Facebook Profile 🕶

Online Information.

Nowadays we have more information stored online than the offline world. Mainly on social media platforms, we share our daily routines and sensitive information to the public unknowingly.

A BlackHat always looks for such types of information sources. Using that information in the right way a BlackHat can manipulate us.

As we talk about protecting ourselves on this blog, not to be the victim, we are going to share a tool with you that can extract targeted information from facebook.

FBI . Such a creepy name! This tool can be used to dump phone numbers, email addresses from Facebook. You can extract information from all your Facebook friends at once too.

Why you should use the FBI tool?

This tool is very lite and comes with a clean interface. You don’t need to fight with any complexity.

Let’s see how we can take this tool in use.

Configuring FBI tool on Kali Linux

Fire up your Kali Linux machine and download the tool from Github. Now navigate to the directory where you’ve downloaded the tool and expand the directory.

Here you will see a python script named ’ ’ which will be used to launch the tool but before proceeding to that we have to satisfy some requirements. Run the ’ requirements.txt ’ file by using the command given below.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Now you are ready to launch the FBI. Launch the python script. Just launch the ‘’ script using the command given below.


Now here, type ‘help’ to see the options we can use.

Before dumping the information we need to connect our Facebook account(not recommended to use your primary Facebook account) with the tool. To do that type ’ token ’ on the terminal to generate the access token as seen on the screenshot given below.

Okay. We have successfully generated the access token and now its time to extract some information.

Here we go! we collected two emails from one of our Facebook friends.


Information is everything. If we have the right information we can win a country we can lose a country. Information is the most powerful thing in this world. You just need to collect the right information and apply it to the right target.

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The tutorial you found on this website is only for educational purposes. Misuse of this information can lead you to jail or punishment. Anything you damage, we are not responsible for that. Do use it on your own property. If you want to test it on other’s property, take written permission from them.


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