How To Take Full Web Page Screenshot Into Google Chrome


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Another way :

  1. Add to Chrome
  2. Ctrl+Shift+E

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You need to do a third step too.
Ctrl+Shift+I opens Inspect Element.
Ctrl+Shift+P opens Run Command Menu.
You then need to type screenshot and select Capture Full Size Screenshot.


Hey, is there a method to take a screenshot of an entire webpage which has say 2-3 different scrollable segments?? I’m talking about CodeCademy website. Here’s how the full page screenshot with the available tools at disposal looks like:

You see, there are different scrollable segments on the page. Nimbus screenshot doesn’t work well here. I even tried to save as pdf using Ctrl + P option. @SaM could you also help me with this ??

Inspect Element reveals that the three scrollable page sections are divs nested inside a main div.
One way to take of full size screenshot of that page will be to change the three separate scrollbars into one main scrollbar like normal webpages.

Google searches for scrolling multiple divs simultaneously/using a common scrollbar show some jQuery based solutions but none of them can be applied on a external website directly.

I’m certain there must be some inspect element command or modification that can help you achieve this, but I’m unable to find it.
Someone with JavaScript experience might be able to help you in this.

One more alternative solution will be to somehow separate the three sections in separate tabs, take separate screenshots after reducing width and join them.
Inspect element can help you do this as well, however I can’t find any working script online for this as well.

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You can as well make use of a chrome extension called “Full page screen capture”

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Thanks pranav for the info. That is precisely the problem. I can use Nimbus screenshot Chrome extension to take individual screenshots of the 3 scrollable sections, but nothing better has yet come to my notice

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Thanks buddy… But again, this extension seems to only capture one of the three scrollable fragments on DataCamp website.