How to steal bitcoin 4.0 | Full Guide


My motivation is purely technical. I am using this method over a year with
huge success. About half a year ago I wrote the first version of this guide and
started to sell it in Evolution. The reason was because I got stucked and lazy
and was not developing the method further, but when I put it on the market, I
suddenly recieved a bunch of feedback. My guide quickly became one of the
most popular item on Evo, as a result I gained back my motivation and
amazing things were happening with not just this software but with my wallet,
too. But after that Evolution exit scam happened and I decided to buy some
flight ticket and go on a crazy holiday until a nice new market emerges. The
time has come and I am back.

So do not get fooled and think, because of the cheap price, this
guide does not worth shit, in fact, I am not aware of any guide
in the market that would be more valuable than this one. As I
said, my motivation is to develop further this method and I don’t
give a fuck about thaose few bitcoins I can get out of this

Table of Contents

  1. Foreword
  2. Justification
  3. Introduction
    • This guide is NOT for you if
    • This guide is for you if
  1. The development process of the guide
  2. Awesome tutorial video
  3. Keep in mind before you start
  4. Get a safe bitcoin wallet and learn how to launder your coins
    • Store your coins
    • Steps:
    • Laundering
    • The most common way to launder coins is Shared Coins
    • The most secure way to launder your coins is through anonimous altcoins
  1. Generate a bunch of addresses
    • Notes:
    • Testing the Mass Address Generator
  1. Create your own BITCOIN STEALER malware
  2. Testing your malware
  3. Remove the malware
  4. Summing up: how the malware works
  5. Experiences / FAQs / ideas

How to steal bitcoin 4.0 Full Guide.pdf (429.7 KB)


whats the source code that was said to be with the pdf document?

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She won’t be able to answer…she Copied this trick and reposted.