How To Stay Untraceable | Ultimate OPSEC


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Welcome to guide on how not to get your shit rocked. This is for any dumbass attempting to make a name for himself
But not the wrong one. Make sure you have your Wallet ready and Lets get into it.

  1. Get a VPN // Its so fucking simple to get one nowadays, please for the love of fucking holy do NOT use a “Free” VPN that claims to not log,
    They very much do.

  2. Use residential Rotating proxy’s // This allows you to set your location to acertain city of your likin and pose as it, without the CAPTCHA blocks

  3. Remove your old social medias // I cant believe how many times I got into on someone because some idiot forgot to throw away his Facebook.

  4. Don’t trust anyone online // Yes this even means your ebitch. I know its sad your kitten cant know your real name.

  5. Use alternative names / Passwords // This one is self explainatory, if you do not IMMEDITELLY need your info on it, then dont fucking put it.

  6. Hide links to your social media (Facebook / Twitter / Insta) // Goes to know that all these social medias, I could find your info within 5 minutes of
    having this.

  7. CHANGE PASSWORD REGULARLY. (I prefer using lastpass or some sort of random string gen to make sure you have a rotating password.

  8. Remove yourself from public databases (Opt out) // This is going to be tedious, but rewarding. Goto every public database search and “Opt out” by FCC law they are required to remove you.

Q: What if im already doxxed?
Depending on the site / DB, you may be fucked or not. Or at least your wallet is.

Q: Im a lazy shit, can you do this for me?
Yes I can, I offer this service for the low price of $150.00. Please goto my discord on my signature for this. (prices flunctuate by case basis)

Q: How can I be more private? Can you teach me more?
I am willing to teach as long as there is people to listen.

Q:Your Doxbin Staff?
Yes, and before you ask. No. you cannot have a free blacklist.



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