How To Stay Anonymous On The Web

Step 1. Get a VPN that does not leak logs and has no DNS leak. A good example of this is ExpressVPN which i use personally. To test DNS leak you can go to your browser and type “DNS LEAK TESTER”. This will help you determine if your DNS is leaking requests when using anonymity or privacy service, it is extremely important that all traffic originating from your computer is routed through the anonymity network. If any traffic leaks outside of the secure connection to the network, any adversary monitoring your traffic will be able to log your activity.

Step 2. Get add-ons such as tracker blockers and ad blockers, a good example of this is Ghostery and Ublock origin, not to mention Adblock Ultimate.

Step 3. Make a secondary email that you use for signing up to sketchy websites or sites in general in order to keep your main email away from all the spam.

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You forgot to mention “Fingerprinting”, I believe

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use agent switcher and fingerprint protectors
use mozilla firefox for browsing

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