How to stay Anonymous and untraceable on the internet | Full Guide

How do Hackers stay Anonymous and untraceable while hacking? This is the most commonly asked question and rightly so. To be completely anonymous and one has to do a lot of research and hard work to truly anonymize themselves change mac address, prevent DNS leaks, delete cookies, block javascript and much more


But hopefully, our guide can help simplify the process. So in order to learn about hackers, we need to think like a hacker.

Following are the steps hackers take to be completely anonymous and untraceable.

Content At Glance

  • Step 1) Make some fake mobile numbers and emails to Stay Anonymous
  • Step 2) Untraceable Internet source to Become Anonymous
  • Step 3) An Anonymous-OS system to Stay Anonymous
  • Step 4) Change your mac address
  • Step 5) Use a Vpn or a proxy to Stay Anonymous
    • Install OpenVPN
    • Running the OpenVPN client with the downloaded client config setup file
    • Use Proxychains
    • Running proxy chains with Mozilla
  • Step 6) Disable all telemetry services for your browser and disable tracking services
  • Step 7) Block cookies.
  • Step 8) Block Plugins to Get Anonymous
  • Step 9) Do not use google
  • Step 10) Turn off your location
  • Step 11) Disable access to camera and other media and disable hardware acceleration
  • Step 12) Disable WebRTC (Leaks IP Addresses)
  • Step 13) Disable Javascript to Stay Anonymous
  • Step 14) Disable Health Reporting
  • Step 15) Disable flash
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