How To Start Refunding | Beginners Friendly

Many of these methods, such as DNA, may seem stupid and easy - but face the truth, most refunders are doing DNA and you are paying a high fee for it.

For uber eats/ skip the dishes/ door dash the easiest method is just copy pasting this format. The best refunding method is one that the company can’t disprove. I recommend doing a few small legitimate orders before a refund so you can raise the limits. On an account with 10 legit orders totalling to around 250$ I did a 300$ refund and fed a ton of people at a party.

After eating it me and my friends all had a painful stomachache and nausea. I’m very upset with this as it ruined my party! The food looked fine as normal, so I guess it was undercooked or spoiled ingredients, maybe the [INSERT MEAT / DAIRY YOU ORDERED]? Please let me know what to do, this experience is very upsetting to me as this is the first time I have had it happen with [FOOD DELIVERY COMPANY NAME]!
Thanks and be safe!

Instacart: I have done refunds up to 1500$ with this method but I recommend you remain below 1000$ for highest success. Order meat or dairy and make a big order, then wait til the next day to contact them and say how you cooked for a massive party and everyone got sick, just like the uber eats. Make it clear that it was likely the driver who mishandled the food and maybe left it in the heat to spoil. with enough effort ou will get a 100% full refund including non meat or dairy items. A partial refund is guaranteed.

Now onto retail refunds. There are a few basic methods that I will explain simply and then teach you what method to use on which store that I have personally tested.

DNA (did not arrive). Wait 24 hours at least before contacting the company. Explain that you were getting worried that your son’s birthday gift (or something like that) is taking long to show up as its approaching the birthday date, and you checked the tracking and it was marked as delivered yesterday. You ran outside and looked everywhere - asked your neighbours, and even called the post office. And you are confused because due to quarantine you haven’t left the house in over a week. And you live alone so nobody could have gotten it. As well, you received an amazon package on the day that the package was “delivered”. You can’t afford such a loss because you were just fired due to the virus and have no income. Stick to a sob story on those notes. Also - NEVER mention refund or replacement, the agent must feel sorry and offer it on their own.

Note: if your order is shipped in separate packages always prioritize the highest value. You can also claim both (or more) packages all never showed up , but many companies will get suspicious. What I would recommend doing is calling in for one package at a time, saying you got all but the one, and getting a refund, then calling again and saying yo were promised a refund for the second package but never got it, and so on. Always wait to get the first refund before moving to the next, you risk failing the entire order. You can always return the rest of the items if they deny your refund requests for them, and at least the most valuable packages were refunded.

99% of the time carrier investigations will turn out in your favour - especially during this pandemic

Just note Canada post investigations take a long time right now - 3 weeks.

EB (empty box). Best for high value products as it is hard to disprove. You got a package for your son’s bday blah blah blah, it was a bit light but you didn’t think much of it.On his birthday when he opened the gift there was nothing inside and you were so embarrassed. The package showed no tampering or anything as well. Cant afford this loss cause you were layed off due to the virus, etc. You think someone on the site scammed you.

FTID (tracking number manipulation). Use a vouched label editor and boxer. What the editor is doing is removing some details so the company doesn’t recognize your package and/or making the package go to next door. The boxer Just sends out a box filled with 1.5lbs of random stuff for you. You can do it yourself but its easier to pay someone a small fee to do the hard work for you, Such as ifruit6. Let them do their thing. 1-2 weeks after the package is delivered (to the wrong place) call the company and be angry but kind - just concerned, on where your refund is. You sent back your item and its been a long time and you are worried because you had to return it due to being layed off and not being able to afford it. The company will manually refund it for you or send it to a team to refund it.

PayPal claims ($15k disputes) Paypal claims are insane. You just need to know what to say and do and you will have the dispute in your favour. The best method is to claim empty box - open a dispute for it via PayPal. Just explain you’ve been a [company] customer for a long time and were shocked when you received an empty box from them. When you called them they were unsupportive and just hung up, so you’ve decided to use PayPal buyer protection to expedite a resolution to this problem. Submit the case and check every day until you have the option to ‘escalate the claim’. This is basically to avoid waiting 2-3 weeks for the company to reply (which they won’t) and just get it straight into Paypal’s hands. They will then ask for a police report and you will need to use a reliable photoshop expert to edit the following details In the template I give you from the internet crime reporting website.
Zip code
Phone number
Transaction date & amount
And of course the reason for the report.
(This is a text package so please reach out to me for the form if needed).
Paypal will just check that the details are correct and process you a full refund.

Another way to win PayPal disputes is by claiming you got a damaged item, like a broken screen or something. They may ask for proof and you can try and find a receipt template for a repair shop that certifies it is broken and they have confirmed it. Or find pictures online, or actually break it, there are many ways. Then PayPal will ask for you to return it, which is where you’ll use FTID. You can send a bubble mailer or an empty box - PayPal just cares that the tracking shows delivered. Once it is delivered they will automatically refund you.

Oh also - don’t do PayPal disputes on a fresh account, do a few transactions and wait a few weeks. Aged accounts work best. New accounts may be completely limited after the case is done. And DO NOT use fake information when creating your PayPal!

Fake police report: Some companies want police reports for DNA claims, and an easy way to do that is by using a vpn and filling out a bogus police report for your local PD. Use fake emails and all. All you want is the final template. Then hire someone to edit the details specific to your case. I have a police report template for Toronto, if that is your local PD. You can also open a police report legitimately, let the company refund you, then call in and cancel it. Police reports for missing packages take about 4 months to be investigated (imagine how many claims there are in backorder).