How to start ethical hacking/Hacking?

When i search youtube or things I got alot alot of tutorial, which is kind of confusing. and i fell into whats called Tutorial hell with more content less practical things .

So I think reading by book is best way of learning hacking.

But :frowning: what book should i learn?
I’m already a programmer, not professional but i’m finishing my college graduation and i know all programming language . I feel i’m intermediate level programmer.
Which book should i learn?

My top favourite programming langauge is Python,elisp,common lisp,golang,c++,c,nodejs,html,css.

Please guide me.
I’m dying into this hole @SaM :pleading_face: please help me. I want to do practical hacking, please recommend me book , python,or any ,but Specifically practical based hacking :crying_cat_face:


@emacs One sure way to learn about ethical hacking is to search through “1Hack” forum.
Just type “Ethical Hacking” in the search.
Some links mention about hacking ebooks and hacking courses leaks.
Every Search Result is itself a guide to Ethical Hacking.

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