How to start a movie streaming website and make money out of it

i would like to know how movies streaming and and torrents sites are making money and which network advertising and techniques they use?
Thank you

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To be fair… Movie and Streaming Sites are not really making Money nowadays ( Specially new ones)
Still, you can Try Adsterra (Affiliated Link).
That is the best and easiest Advertisement and Support Pop-under direct links or normal Ads…

If you are really serious I would suggest not to use any Ads till you have a significant number of Watchers…and Then Start Embedding Ads slowly.

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Thank you for your reply
is there any other ad network like that you recommend, and i noticed that some others streaming site use ad link redirector like linkonclick,track.aso1,onmarshtompor… so how do these websites use such technics and is it a good idea to use them?

I tried many. Adsterra has the Best Rates and We can choose between Adult and Non-Adut Ads… And Getting the Website approved requires no Prerequisite… And it has MANY different types of Ads Supported

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Thanks i will give Adsterra a try

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