How To Spotify Stream Revenue Works | The Lazy Way

This eBook is written to be straightforward, and it’s for those that wanted to join this trend of earning from Spotify streaming. Disclaimer we do recommend our services for those people to “pay to skip hassle”, we believe that’s the win-win situation, as we provide our services with scale, we’re able to provide our services even lower cost than you setting it yourself, so why not spend a little and save yourself hours? This is why this is eBook is naming the lazy method, you can pay a little a be lazy. But don’t worry, if you bought this eBook but don’t like the idea of paying for our services, we would of course tell you how to do it yourself for everything.

The Concept of Spotify Revenue
We’ll explain the concept quickly, so how do artist earn on Spotify? Artist got paid by Spotify from the total revenue Spotify earned from 2 ways, premium subscription and advertising. All the premium subscription and ads revenue goes into a big pool, which then Spotify take a cut, then the rest is distribute by artist based on how much streams they’ve got.

Download: SPOTIFY STREAMING EBOOK.pdf (267.1 KB)