How To Setup/Install VestaCP For Digital Ocean, Vultr And Any Cloud Hosting

As everybody knows Vestacp is freemium open-source website hosting control panel like Cpanel and also known as good alternate of Cpanel. Here I’m sharing to you — How to install and setup vestacp under 10 minutes.

How To Deploy App On Cloud Hosting

Currently, using — Digital Ocean

Have you configured shh with your project using putty and set/change password?

You need download/install putty in your PC — Download from here: Or you can use CMD (If you know usage).

  1. Create Droplet
  2. Choose an image (Ubuntu any version)
  3. Choose a Plan
  4. Choose a datacenter region
  5. Authentication — Select one time password so you can set any password you want and temporary password will receive you on the email.
  6. Choose a hostname (enter any or use default)

Here is the review please have a look to understand it better:

Step 1-

Droplet Image selection

Droplet Image selection

Look the distribution set it Ubuntu, use any version else it’s fine with default.

Step 2-

Select pricing its depend on your usage.

Step 3-

Digital Ocean data center

Digital Ocean data center

Select your plan according to your website consumption maybe $5 is enough for normal websites which are getting 0–150K monthly visits on optimized WordPress and PHP based sites. Also allow monitoring so you can see the usage of your running resources/usage.

Step 4-

Digital Ocean Deploy root access by email

Digital Ocean Deploy root access by email

Newbie don’t know the SSH usage so the best thing is to get direct Root access on the email so you can set shh password as you want (custom). Give any name to your project or use default.

Step 6 — Click on Deploy.

How To Install VestaCP In Digital Ocean, Vultr And Other Cloud Hostings

Check your email to get Root access.

Now, open CMD in your PC (I’m not using putty but you can use both is easy once you learn).

Type: ssh root@with-your-ip

Press: enter and type: yes

Now copy password from the email you have received and paste in the CMD.

Note: you won’t able to see the password. (use right click of mouse to paste the password).


Now paste it in the current logged ssh -

curl -O


Now it will be installed automatically you don’t need to do anything also you will see the admin path, user and password.

For login the panel port is your-web-ip :8083

How To Setup VestaCP

VestaCp is installed but not able to understand domain work?

For adding the new domain go to web section from the header click on green color + button to add your domain.

Also add this domain in your digital ocean deploy application from the three dots > add domain section.

Install SSL to edit your domain from Vestacp

Open web section from the header and visit in your domain if you have added in it, else add the domain and point them with digital ocean’s DNS.

After adding the domain click on edit and come below at SSL Support — Tick mark at: Lets Encrypt Support

install vestacp in cloud hosting

install vestacp in cloud hosting

Wait few minutes, It will be installed.

FTP setup in VestaCp

You are facing issue with FTP right? Mean you are not able to connect with it.

Here is quick fix for it.

First open web section from the header

Click on edit

Come below and tick at Additional FTP

Now enter any name what you want to set and also set password, And save it.



Save it.

Let’s fix FTP connecting issue with VestaCP

1st. Open Firewall

Find — TCP/ FTP (open it)

Come below at: Port and enter there: 5514 at the place of 12.


2nd. Open Server

Come below and open: vsftpd — click on configure to set.

Now add there: listen_port=5514

Here look how-

Save and done.

Now you can connect VestaCp with FTP using Filezilla .

Download Filezilla from here:

Cloud Hosting Checklist

  1. App deployed

  2. VestaCP Installed

  3. Domain Added and pointed

  4. SSL installed

  5. FTP Working

Everything is configured perfectly, It may take sometime for new user but that’s quick easy once you experience with it.

What Is VestaCP

Vesta control panel (VestaCP) is an open source hosting control panel also known as Cpanel alternative, which can be used to manage multiple websites, creat and manage email accounts, FTP accounts, and MySQL databases, manage DNS records with more features.

Thank You, Appreciate!


how to get digitalocean without credit card

you cannot. Even if you have a coupon digital ocean will require credit card. Even worst those digital ocean will make your 50$ student coupon avail for 2 month or 1 year(I don’t remember). They are there for business so don’t expect free stuff from digital ocean.

Im not expecting free stuff but I want to register using my debit card instead and it is not accepted.

u can use virtual credit card?

Not accepting. Tried it