How To Send Mail Like A Hacker | Auto Mail Destroy After 60 Seconds | Gmail Tricks


Hey Guys, About 90% of users use Mail service provided by Gmail (an SMTP free encrypted mail service provided by Google). Because of its open-source free and handy uses. But many people did not know Gmail tricky feature by which you can send emails to a person only for 60 seconds. After 60 seconds it will self destruct automatically.

Steps for it:


1. You just need to install an extension called Snapmail. To download Click Here.


Open and sign in with your account.


3. Now click on the red colored compose button to write a new mail.


4. Give mail receiver’s email id, subject, your message.
5. The last step is very important and very easy just hit the Snapmail button except send button. Remember do not use the send button to send mail.
6. That mail or your secret message will be encrypted and converted to a random URL or web link provided by Snapmail.


7. Receiver just needs to click on that link and BINGO! your message will appear on his/her window screen.


1. The receiver only gets a link of Snapmail website, and when he/she hit on that link the secret message shown up.
2. Message auto-deleted after 60 seconds.
3. Receiver will never get back that message because of its permanent delete feature.



Shouldn’t that be IMPORTANT? :smiley:

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ha ha. Nice catch

Use proton mail
All kinds of features


In IT there is always an infinity of tips, tricks, solutions …
I am always amazed by all this, asking a lot of questions about ourselves β€œhomo sapiens”. How far can we go!


what if the receiver presses Control + Screenshot


:joy: the message will delete before they figure out to do anything.

Reciever has 60 seconds to do whatever he CAN. :joy:

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This stuff is no longer working, please can anyone tell us the alternatives that is currently walking?

Please how do I do this with Proton mail since snap mail is no longer working?

In protomail, you can set Expiration time for email. That is what you need.

Thanks alot. I will try it and give you feedback

The he blackmail you by showing that mail :crazy_face::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue::joy::joy::sweat_smile: