[HOW TO] send bulk emails via Mautic + Amazon SES


I have been researching about sending bulk emails and couldnt come up with any good solution. After following youtube videos i came across this amazing software called Mautic. Mautic ( that’s the best thing that have ever happened to email marketers ) Mautic is an open source software that gives real time automation no other platforms can give and integrated with Amazon ses which is awesome.

My current setup

  1. I have a shared hosting with Siteground (48$ a year). I created an addon domain and installed mautic (softaculous) (not recommended as it becomes very slow)
  2. I used a Indian Debit Card and signed up with Amazon SES they charge 2 INR and takes 24 hours for verification (verified my domain) created a email address in Cpanel and verified the email address.
  3. Initially when your account is created in Amazon SES you will be in sand box mode and you will need to send an email to Amazon to increase the limit. My limit was increased sending 50000 emails in a day.
  4. I contacted siteground and trust me they are the best. I updated the DKIM and SPF configuration which you will receive when you verify the email address (i only updated TXT and CNAME records, My MX record was still with SG)
  5. Finally, was able to send emails and yes it lands on the receipents inbox

What you need:

  1. Amazon SES account (You only pay 1$ for 10000 emails)
  2. Hosting and Domain
  3. Patience
  4. A little technical knowledge for cron jobs

Why Mautic?

  1. Mautic is an open source software that gives real time automation.
  2. Mailchimp 200$ to send 10000 emails
  3. Campaign monitor 105$ to send 10000 emails
  4. Sendy (When you buy sendy software for $59, you still pay me $70 for installing and integrating it with Amazon ses for you, making it $129)

How to Master Mautic

  1. Understand Email Marketing Flow
  2. Understand the Flow of Marketing Automation
  3. Discover a Brilliant IDEA about utilizing email as a deadly promotional weapon
  4. Master the Menu on Mautic
  5. Understand the Mautic Campaign Menu (this feature is very deadly)
  6. Practice often

My Total Cost:

  1. Siteground hosting (48S$)
  2. Domain (10$)
  3. Installing via wordpress(softaculous) - Free
  4. Initial Amazon Setup 2 INR (1$ for 10000 emails)
  5. Paid a mautic Hero 25$ for (Error in logs, AWS SES was not configured correctly, Error in updating schema, Cron jobs
    and updating Ip look up file.

P.S. If you are looking to install mautic or if you need help in any settings do get in touch with me.

Friendly Websites

ettvdl.com https://crackingpatching.com/ https://prostylex.org/ https://haxnode.com/ freecoursesonline.me ftuapps.dev