How to seed Torrent in colab or heroku for few days?

Hello guys;

there are so many tutorials here for downloading torrents in team drives but i am facing an issue from private tracker.

I have downloaded a torrent and my trackers send me warning saying that i must seed torrent for 3 days at least.

So is there any way i can seed team drive torrent folder for 3 days?


Search before asking anything here!

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I don’t think using google colab and torrent leecher deployed to heroku for downloading things from private trackers is a good idea.

Apps deployed to Heroku can only live for 24 hours and then they reset everything, google colab also has a time limit as well. So, it’s impossible to seed torrent for 3 days with those.

The best solution is using seedbox. But you’re likely to need to pay for having a seedbox. If you want, I can give you one of my seedbox. I have a 100GB plan seedbox that will be expired on July. I don’t use it frequently since using Heroku is enough for me (I don’t have any private tracker account, I only use the public one). But if you want to move the files from this seedbox to team drive, you need to use Rclonelab with google colab.


yeah thank u so much, it will be real help if you share your seedbox.

Just pm me then, I’ll give it to you :slight_smile:

May I know what is the seedbox site that you are using?

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