How to Save Storytel Audiobooks as MP3

Hello guys. Storytel is a subscription based Audiobook and E-Book app in multiple languages. Audible owns the USA market and Storytel owns all markets around the world except USA. Does anyone know how to save the contents in the app as a MP3? My iphone does the job with its built in screen recorder but it’s too much work and takes a lot. I’m recording the entire screen while the book is playing. It records the internal sound but extracting it is a lot of work and time consuming. Is there a way to do decrypt the content without possessing reverse engineering skills ?

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I have a solution for it, but it won’t work if you don’t have the time.
The needs:
1- Memu Emulator.
2- A server that runs Windows;

  • 4 Gigs of RAM.
  • 4 Core CPU
  • At least 75 GB of HDD
    3- Audacity
    4- Storytel Account

The logic is simple.
You will log in on your Storytel Account in Memu Emulator on the server.
And Audacity will record the sound.
When your HDD is complete, download it on your computer and archive it.