How to save Skillshare videos for offline viewing?

Thanks to this site. I used a bin to access the Skillshare Premium. Now I searched everywhere to save Skillshare videos for offline viewing. Do you know how?

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Yes. You can use this method: Method to Download Any Skillshare Premium Course using Google Colab (no Skillshare account needed)

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Hey thanks for the reply. But I also used this method until it is no longer working due to an error in the script. It hasn’t been fixed as of today.

You can use the internet download manager to download videos on skillshare, but the problem when I download them, it only download the video (without audio) with .TS format. I’ve searched all the ways but still haven’t found a way to save videos offline

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Download the video files using this extension:

However these video won’t work without an internet connection since they aren’t actually full videos but they are streaming links for the actual content. Also sometimes these files expire after somewhere between 12-24 hours.
So use a video converter to convert these online files to offline ones. I have tried this with Any Video Converter. The converter will download the actual video content and convert it into an offline video.

Yes this is a long process, especially because the conversion takes long depending on your internet connection and CPU capability.

Hi, if you want to download complete skillshare courses you can use this

That works only if you have an account, because you need to use cookies. As you mentioned on your post, you own one, so you will be fine. You have to edit the “” file and add your cookies, the link of the course you want and the course id. Then run it using It only downloads the videos, so you will have to manually download the project files.

I use Windows. Can you point me to a direction how to install and execute a Python script? Thank you!

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I have tried the Python script above, but it is still not working. The document.cookie suppose to be found in Chrome developer tool cannot be found. I have contacted the Git maker for this script.

u need to change the headers value, it will work then.(Checked Personally it works)

Add this
‘Accept’: ‘application/vnd.skillshare.class+json;,version=0.8’,
‘User-Agent’: ‘Skillshare/5.3.0; Android 9.0.1’,
‘Host’: ‘’,
‘Referer’: ‘’,
‘cookie’: self.cookie,

For more info refer to this-

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Thanks it now worked but I have a new problem. It is also posted in the github.

Hi, just to test if this is still working, I downloaded 3 courses in a row without any problems. Let’s see, this is what I do. I use Firefox:

  • Enter skillshare with my user and pass.
  • Search for a course I want to download. Go to that course page.
  • When I’m on that course page, I enter the dev tools(F12), then I go to the console and type document.cookie and press enter. Then the cookie appears, it looks like this: PHPSESSID=C5444adadq24324…
  • Then I copy/paste it in the file.
  • After that, I also paste the course link in the file.
  • Then I run the script: python
  • That’s all.

I hope it works for you now.


Dear Cris, I am new to executing programs in python. I executed the script above and got the following error.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 1, in
from downloader import Downloader
File “E:\Skillshare downloader\skillshare-downloader-master\code\”, line 1, in
import requests
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘requests’

There’s a file named “requirements.txt” inside de main folder. You need to install what’s inside that file, to do it, execute this command: pip install -r requirements.txt

After that, try to execute the file and see what happens.

Thank you Chris. I will try this out.