How To Safely Run Snapchat++ On IOS

Disclaimer: Although this method does minimize the risks of getting your account locked, it is not fool proof! Use this tweak at your own risk


  • Install iCleaner Pro by adding the following source to your package manager:

  • Run an iCleaner Pro scan and respring. This is to ensure there are absolutely no system files that Snapchat could detect to trigger a ban

This is not needed for the tweak to work but is definitely helpful if you don’t want an account ban :laugh:


  1. Install AppStore++ by adding the following source to your package manager:

  1. From Cydia, Search Appstore++ and hit install

  2. Once Appstore++ is installed, download snapchat from the appstore

Be sure to select version (835232780) as this is the last version the tweak has proper compatibility for. Using other versions will increase the chances of an account ban

  1. Install Kiiimo’s repository using the following link:

  1. Under Cydia, Search for ‘SnapBreak’ and hit install

  2. Once that is all done you can load into snapchat, open settings, and activate the licence under ‘snapbreak’

(As this is a cracked version of snapbreak the licence key does not matter put whatever you want in there)

Snapbreak is now loaded and working, Make sure you DO NOT update the app as this will almost certainly result in your account being locked.

Happy learning!

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