How to run VPN when ... ? (No data transfer - specific issue)

Dear community.

I have specific issue and I am out of ideas on how to solve it.

My VPN worked perfectly. :sunglasses:

Suddenly yesterday it stopped transferring data.
If I start VPN - my internet dies.
(I tried more VPN providers - some of them will connect but no data go through and some will not).

:cherries:Problem is that
internet symbol on pc is ON but websites are not possible to reload - web is off totally when the VPN is plugged in).

The only way how to run INTERNET on its own is to switch off the VPN totally to get classic signal and ordinary life with internet. :man_dancing:

What is happening? :innocent: Have you faced this issue before?

Thanks a lot people!

  1. Check the Proxy setting from the Local Area, see the setting, maybe a script or Proxy server automatically turning on which you haven’t configured.

  2. Most probably, check inside the VPN Program, and configure it properly.


OR you can review the recent change(s) made to the system, As it happened to my
And the error was of A proxy that was running (Without my knowledge)

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I am smart only with a plan for what to do and manual step by step :sweat_smile: appreciate your answer but, is there any visual help? thanks

try @Googling the error, for beginner’s it’s a bit tricky but it’ll help; also @Youtube is a great source out there! Don’t hesitate to do stuff that normally you won’t do but with a little prior knowledge to it!

yes - usually i start with both… will update this topic if i find solution … maybe someone will benefit for the future :innocent:

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