How to run and modify the decompiled app in android studio

Hey guys, Hope doing well.

I have one doubt about android reverse engineering. I’ve decompiled the .apk file using ApkStudio decompiler. Now I don’t know how to run and make changes in the app on android studio.

Please guys if anyone has an idea please let me know. How to perform reverse engineering of the android app.

I am stuck here. Somebody take me out of the problem.

If you are new to this, Apktool is available for performing this actions, decompiling an android app is easy you can do small changes like change pictures,play with xmls and for hardcoding play with java smali’s , but it can’t be done on android studio , either you can create new XML in android studio and replace with your decompiled xmls or create new Android app but can’t be a system app


@New_Arrivals Thanks for your answer.
I know we can do small changes in the app but I want change lot of things in the app can you give me more details about how to modify the app using android studio or can you share is there any tutorial if you have please.

for decompiling the code you can use following :

1.Decompile online using : Java Decompiler Online
2. Decompile from another app - Show Java