How to restore a hard disk and it's partitions

Recently a service engineer from Acer was replacing my hard disk, and I don’t know exactly what he did, but he caused MBR issues in my nicely working hard disk. He then replaced it with a new hard disk.

My issue here is, that while I was trying to restore MBR, I mistakenly ran “diskpart clean” on the drive that originally contained my complete OS and the D drive. Now it shows 100 % free.

I am now looking into how to restore the complete hard disk, I haven’t written anything after the “diskpart clean” command. This is very important because it contains many important documents and my developed software projects, and I have no clue on how to restore the OS, as well as the D drive(which should have the backup of C drive, but now is cleaned as well).

Would somebody please help, it’s urgent and very very important for me, as there is my final year bachelor’s exam dependent on it.

Use this and recover.

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Go to 1hack search and type/tag data recovery. you will find there what you need, or you can use this link
Maybe it helped you.

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