How to remove myself from a shared drive

Hi dear All members.
Recently I’ve been added to some shared drives. But Now I want to remove myself from these shared drives. Because sometimes members are uploading offensive content.
So please tell me how I will remove myself from these google shared drives. Because I cannot see any option for removal or leaving myself from these drives.
Please help me

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I think you need to ask the admin for that shared drive to remove you.

I think u must check the google groups of mail id through which you are added . There you must see the group of that shared drive , just leave the group and your work will be done.


Go to Google Drive on your computer and click on the “Shared with with me” tab on the left. Then select whatever you want to remove and drag them to the trash can tab on the left. A very odd solution…but it works.

Can someone create Shared Drives for me, That would be helpful.

search, there are a lot of threads

I will try your method dear.