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The Two main sites we will be refunding on are




Over Lockdown many sellers on dhgate / wish started popping up and using a new type of scamming method in where they’d give you a tracking number and all would seem legit until it said delivered and the package you got was a single mask. from this I needed to refund and the reps were so nice it was as easy as an amazon refund.

Here is the step by step.

Step 1. Order something this can be anything I strongly recommend shoes and try to order from newer sellers as then they wont be able to fight back with their large stores. (The smaller stores are typically owned by the bigger stores they’re just making more accounts to flood market place)

Step 2. Wait for the item to arrive, Give it a day or two. Then go to dhgate / wish and get in touch with customer service. DONT DEAL WITH THEIR AUTOMATED SYSTEM KEEPS SAYING "CAN I TALK TO LIVE AGENT"

As soon as an agent connects begin by being polite it doesn’t hurt and goes a very long way!!!

Step 3. Tell the agent you checked your tracking number for the item and it hasn’t came, however point out a small package came with the tracking number on it, however inside was just a plain mask.

If the rep asks for pictures which they most likely will just grab a paper mask and put it in a zip lock bag. IMPORTANT: USE BLUE PAPER MASK.

Step 4. after this they will put forward you for a refund and you should get money back in 5 days.

Personally I’ve been able to refund £300 items with this method so feel free to rape it.


This method works super well too however if you use it they can block your account and maybe address as it requires you to declare you bought replica goods. the more you do it the more “sus” it becomes to the reps.

However none the less ive managed to refund so many shoes and resell them using this method so feel free to go ahead just dont order 50 pairs and then use this.

Step 1. Order anything from dhgate / wish I recommend to buy a higher tier rep,

Step 2. Once the item arrives go straight to Customer service again ask for a real agent and wait.

Step 3. Once youre there tell the agent that you bought a present for your sons birthday, however it turned out to be a fake and you cannot take this as its illegal to own and ship fakes.

Step 4. If they ask you to return tell them “its illegal to ship reps from my country and I dont break the law” blah blah you know the drill. If they say no, tell them you’ll report them to your bank and get it chargebacked (which you can do by all means but takes more effort) theyll typically give up and give you the money back.

P.S Wish actually has an automated system for this so you can refund stuff for being replica there super easy.

Honestly these companies are as easy to refund as amazon so glhf legends


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