How To Refresh Your Dorks | Numerical Dorks Comprehensive Guide ⭐

If you found dorks on the internet that are raped as for just want to refresh your old dorks, here’s the guide for you. I’ll be teaching you how to create numerical dorks, and what they are in the first place.


  1. Why you should use numerical dorks
  2. What are numerical dorks
  3. How to make numerical dorks
  4. Where to get HQ numerical dorks
  5. Closing remarks

Firstly, please be grateful that I am offering this for free, as I would have sold this for a couple bucks otherwise. So please don’t leech!

  1. Why you should use numerical dorks.

If you have raped or old dorks, they probably won’t have high injectable ratios anymore, or they will give dumped urls. So, you should use numerical dorks to narrow down the results found from the dorks, therefore reducing the number of raped urls. It’s also very easy to implement numerical dorks, so why not add them?

  1. What are numerical dorks?

As the name suggests, numerical dorks are dorks that contain numbers. By adding numbers strategically to dorks, you will be able to find unraped urls. This is because most websites have a number in it. If you use a dork such as:

… you will find urls raped by everyone in the world.

If you use a dork such as:
minecraft.php?id= 493
… you will find urls that less people would have found (depends on your parameter and keyword, I will make a tutorial after)

  1. How to make numerical dorks.

If you use handwritten dorks, no need as they are already private. If you are using a tool such as TSP Dork Generator, then it’s really easy to make numerical dorks. Go on a website that generates numbers and generate from 0 to 1000. Copy the numbers, randomize them using Textitor, and use the numbers as pageformats! Add your own keywords, domains, etc and press generate. There! You have numerical dorks. However… there is a problem. These dorks won’t have any pageformats… which are very important for dorks. That takes us to our next point.

  1. How to get HQ numerical dorks?

One way is to use the method above. Or you can code a program where you can make numerical dorks, which is exactly what I did! I made a Python based dork creation tool which creates the BEST dorks using numerical dorks, high quality keywords, and great combinations. I’m selling these dorks for a very cheap price: $7.5 for 50,000 dorks. As the tool becomes v.2.0, I will double the price so buy the dorks for half price while you can!



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