How to recover hacked Facebook account

Please guys, my sister’s facebook account was hacked and the person changed both the phone number and email. Please I need help in recovering that account. Thanks a lot.

Report and delete the Facebook account permanently

Talk to her friends/report her account. DONE! There’s no way you can get it back. Next time bcareful.

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This team does a legit facebook and other soc med account recovery service in my country(Philippines) but with a small fee.
You may try to inquire if they do services outside PH (assuming youre not from PH)


I am not affiliated to this page neither I am promoting them, just trying to help cause they really do legit recoveries.
If this is not allowed, then my apologies.

Go to this link: My Facebook account was hacked.

Thanks for all your replies. I have tried some of the responses and the issue has been resolved.