How To Receive PayPal Payments Safely

Steps you must have the sender take when they are paying you:

  1. When the sender goes to send the payment they will have the option to pay either from their balance or through a linked bank/card. You MUST have them send through their balance, otherwise there is nothing you can do if they decide to chargeback by calling their bank saying that they’ve been scammed. If they don’t follow this step, refund immediately.

  2. There are two options when it comes to paying: Goods & Services and Friends & Family. If someone is wanting to pay through Goods & Services make sure they are 100% trusted, otherwise cancel the deal. If you decide they’re trusted enough to send through G&S, I recommend you having them paste this in the payment note:

Receiving money through Friends & Family should be your preferred option. Senders can still chargeback a payment like this but their options are much more limited, they can only claim that they accidentally made the purchase or that their account was hacked. Both of these take minimal effort for you to beat, simply upload proof that you completed the service and you will most likely win. Unlike G&S payments the sender doesn’t have the ability to upload any evidence.

  1. Finally you should ask the sender for a screenshot of the receipt to confirm that they followed what you asked. This will look like:

If it shows that the money was through Friends & Family from they PayPal balance then you’re good to go!

Once again, if you are the sender and are unsure of whether the seller is trusted please use a middleman!


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