How To Rat / Hack Anyone Easily

Pretty easy tutorial, all you need is:

  • A computer

  • Internet Connection

  • The power to read

  • Victims Email

So first of all you are gonna wanna download and build this rat


  • Then click at the bottom “”

  • This should start downloading a ZIP file extract it and run the .exe file then follow this tutorial


  • After that you will need your victims email

  • Head over to this site


  • This is a email spoofer that can send emails from ANY email this makes it really powerfull for hackers

  • Enter a email like “” example of course but then go ahead and get creative with the message like if youre targeting a school you could do “Your school website is experiencing some unusual activity please download following file to look over the activity” AGAIN thats a example get creative!

  • The site is pretty self explained and just verify the captcha and hit Send

  • Then you just need to have some patience and if the email was good enough you should be able to take over their computer