How To Ranking Your Fiverr Gig

Fiverr is really easy to manipulate when trying to rank for gigs. The best way to rank on Fiverr for the majority of the Fiverr gig niches is to do the following:

  • Create a video for your gig (or outsource it to another Fiverr user). Fiverr loves gigs with videos and tend to find them more professional and serious.
  • Share your gig on social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google plus). Do anything to get your gig displayed in front of hungry buyers.
  • Buy $5 website traffic (Throw a few thousand views at your Fiverr gig page). Fiverr likes gigs that get a lot of traffic as it makes it seem more relevant to buyers which is why it has a lot of views.
  • Add in the right keywords inside the tags, description and title box. Forget trying to target one keyword, go for at least 3. For example, if you have a gig for “Get 1,000 YouTube views”, inside your description, add in keywords such as “high-quality YouTube views”, “Best YouTube views provider” etc. This will increase the likelihood of ranking for multiple keywords.

This is what I used to do when I used to use fiver a long time ago. And I guess this gonna still work out.

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enjoy fellas :slight_smile:


Where to buy traffic?

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On Fiverr, however if you’re good at programming you can easy generate traffic using you laptop.

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How I can do that?

You can use Python and Automation Tool Like Selenium. Do some proxies and user agents you can find it easy on web and just deploy over heroku or spell and you will get bunch of traffic over night.

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Thanks man, I’m gonna try

If you can refer to some, then it will be a great help.

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