How to rank YouTube video Videos in 2020 | Title, Description, Tags & SMM Panel

Got this on our Whatsapp group, just thought it would be a good idea to post this here to give back to community.


Resources Needed

For this project you’re going to need:

Upload Process

  •  Before uploading your video make sure your main keyword (short kw) is set as your video file name e.x: rename from file.mp4 to mainkw.mp4

  •  Upload your video and set your video title to include your main keyword + other keyword you want to rank for. Example: I want to rank for the keyword photoshop cut out, My title would be: How to cut out an image in photoshop – Remove and Delete Background

  •  Now that you’re done with your title it’s time for description and keywords

  •  You can copy the descriptions of main competitors for that keyword or copy some text about that niche on Google. Yes, that’s right. Go to and search your main keyword. Find that main article and copy the text from it as your description. This may actually help you rank in google as well with your video but it’s important to change the text for that and use something more unique.

  •  In the tags section it’s important you add your main tags, short tailed and longtailed tags as well: e.x from How to cut out an image in photoshop, Remove and Delete Background, How to cut out an image in photoshop Remove and Delete Background, cut out an image in photoshop, Remove and Delete Background in photoshop etc.

  •  Make sure you add your video in a playlist with your main keyword in it. This has helped me rank better for some keywords but it’s just optional.

  •  Go ahead and upload your video!

How to rank ?

  • Depending on your ranking difficulty you should add shares, views, likes and comments to your videos.

  • Shares: It’s very crucial that you use shares for your videos. Shares should be added first so if the video is receiving views from an external source YouTube will know about it and your video will be safer and get better ranking of course. Shares also help you a lot to rank your video in Google search so keep that in mind if you want to boost your traffic with some Google views as well.

  • Views: Let’s say our first page competitors have got around 5-15k views and they’re on a low competition niche. You should add
    the lowest amount of views one of your top 3 competitors has. E.x first ranked video has 15k, second one has 10k and the third one has 5k go ahead and add at least 5k HR Views to your videos (I recommend using the PacySMM ‘Private Server’ category)

  • Likes: For likes you should add around 15% of the views number you added. This means we should add around 750 likes.

  • Comments: We should add at least 3% of those views to boost our engagement so around 150 comments should be optimal. Make sure you don’t add random non-related comments. It’s better to use custom comment to this one as they will boost conversion rate for the product you’re promoting.

Other helpful tips and tricks

  •  Use Video Marketing Blaster Pro (To get title, description and tags)

  •  Use VidIQ extension to check your rankings and for ranking tips

  •  Buy old YouTube accounts to stay safe from YT algorithm in certain niches

  •  Use PacySMM’s Private Server to get high quality HR Views

  •  Don’t publish your video. Add your video as unlisted if your niche is very competitive and hard to rank. Wait for the views to come and once you get at least 10k views publish your video. (Very old yeah, but still works)

  •  Make sure you get some subsribers if you have a low amount before and after you upload your video

  •  Buy YouTube account with a lot of subscribers if you want to rank for hardest niches