How To Rank Any Video On YouTube | Blackhat Guide

The following guide is made by the personal tests during a 10 year experience on ranking different videos for clients and self

Tools needed:
1 – Aged account no Strikes
2 – Quality Video and Thumbnail
3 – SMM Panel
4 – Minimal Investment (Depends on your niche)


1 - Let’s quickly start this Blackhat guide by finding a cheap aged account (5 years at least is very good). I
normally buy from PacySMM. Make sure the account has no strikes and is clean with no spammy
content. An important part is to not delete any videos. You can make them private instead! Change the
name of the account, description, profile picture etc.

2 – Make sure the video you’re going to upload is HQ and has a really good thumbnail that will HELP it
while the ranking is high and not make viewers SKIP your video while searching for the keyword (this
will highly impact on lowering your ranking and chances are you can’t re-rank the video at that place). (I
use Canva for that).

3 – Next up is finding a cheap and reliable SMM Panel. I am personally using PacySMM
cause of the different services it provides (organic) and the custom services you can ask for. Devs are
friendly and will help create any service you ask for.
First things first! If the channel you bought DOES NOT have any subscribers, that’s the first thing you’re
going to need to buy! This highly depends on the niche we’re trying to rank for and the keyword.

Here’s what to do to find out how many subscribers you need to buy:
• Go to YouTube and search the keyword you’re trying to rank for
• Check the number of subscribers the 5 first videos have
• If the number of Subscribers is 100-500 the safest thing to do is buy around 900-1000
subscribers for your channel

How to buy Views, Likes & Comments:
• Second thing we need is to buy views for our video, but at the same time, likes and some
• Let’s say the first 5 videos for the keyword we’re trying to rank for has around 3000 to 4000
views. What we need to do is buy around 2500 to 3500 views for that video. Not too much and
not too low. YouTube will easily understand you’re trying to cheat the system when trying to
buy a high amount of views.
• A like-to-view ratio of 3.75 to 4% is recommended by experts in marketing. This translates to
four likes every hundred views or forty likes per thousand views. So now that we bought 3000
Views for our video we need around 4.2% of likes for it (cause people are really liking it so let’s
slightly exceed that limit). 4.2% of 3000 converts to 126 likes. That’s the number we need for it.
• And lastly the comments! Normally I choose to buy around 10% of comments to like ratio. 10%
of 126 converts to around 12-13 comments. So that would be my ideal number to buy.
• It is highly recommended to buy subscribers as well on the first few days of uploading a video.
Just a tiny few to increase the organic reach of the video.

4 – Depending on the niche and ranking difficulty different services may come to your need. You can
gently ask SMM providers for their services speeds and current distribution time to get the most out of
the ranking experience and keep up with YouTube algo updates.

Happy learning!


I will try . Thank you.