How To Open Your Own Discord Nitro Shop ⭐

How to open your own discord nitro shop

  1. First you’ll need a Klarna checker . You can buy one or you can get one for free from github ( Mailify: )

  2. Now you need a combo, Get one for free from here or make one by yourself.

  3. Unless your checker is proxyless you’ll need some proxies, i recommend you buy some because it’s pretty hard to get good ones for free.

  4. After you have some hits, login in one of the accounts, go to “your profile” and click on “generate” to get your virtual credit card.

  5. Get an aged discord account (you can use a fresh one but i recommend using one that’s atleast 6 months old, they’re pretty cheap and they lower the chance of the nitro code getting cancelled ) and buy nitro codes through apple store to avoid getting revoked.

  6. Now you need a place to sell the nitro codes, the easiest way to do that is to make a new discord server and advertise it on

Credit to Alioz

Happy learning!


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