How To Open Impersonation Closed Instagram Accounts

Opening an account which was closed because of impersonating

Way 1
1-) Opening the mail address which is linked to the closed account
2-) A mail which was sent by instagram in that account named:Reopening an
account which was closed because of impersonating
3-) If you get that mail or already have send a selfie with you holding
your ID (it should be clear) as response to that mail
4-) It should be opened in maximum 15 minutes

Way 2
1-) If your account was closed and you send the form 059 and get no response, try this.
2-) connect to facebook from your current web browser
3-) open the 039 form
4-) and fill the account details accordingly;

-name last name
-mail address
-phone number
-and explanation

hello my instagram account disabled, my instagram real account open please

(It’s gonna get looked by artificial intelligence, so dont try to make complex texts, simple and key words only )

5-) you will get a mail by instagram (max. 1 hour)
6-) We will send a clear selfie with a id
7-) it will be open in 24 hours



some bunch of pheminists reported my insta real account and it got suspended for voilationg community standards
i have sent them selfie with code still no response its beeen 2 months
what should i do