How To Money With TikTok | Blackhat Method

What do you need for this method?

  • TikTok Account
  • Domain + Landing Page (You can get both for 2,95$/Month on Bluehost )
  • CPA Network account (works best for CPAGrip & CPABuild )
  • Time (yeah it’s manual)


Setting up the account

Okay, the first thing you gotta do is to choose your niche, for this method I found that giveaways are working best (makeup, iPhone, weed bongs, weed pipes, fitness things, whatever the fuck you want because there is a huge audience for each niche I mentioned). So, create an account of your niche and blast some content in it. Let me explain to you step by step how it will work.

How to get the content?

(for iOS users, download reposter app for iPhone so you can download videos)

Go to Instagram and search for your niche (in our case it’s makeup), copy the link, paste the link in the Reposter app and click on the “Post to Instagram” (it will download the video directly to your phone that way), then you can close it, go to your gallery and just crop the video, speed it up somewhere etc (to make it look original in eyes of TikTok).

Okay, when you upload about 20 videos (to make your profile look legit, and maybe even go viral if you use some hashtags, who knows). It’s time to finish up your account details, DON’T mention giveaway anywhere, make it look like the normal profile about your niches, in our case, like a normal makeup video profile.

How to get people into your DM?

In order to be able to DM people you need to follow each other, so what you gonna do is just to go to some big Makeup page (our niche, for you it’s different of course) and go to their “Followers” tab and just follow people that are following them, this is exact same thing we were doing for Instagram.

When they accept you and give you a follow, you will be able to contact them via Direct Message, even the app will send you something like “Say hi to blablabla”, now that’s where comes our juicy part of sending our messages.

Setting up your Domain name and landing page

Go to and choose the cheapest hosting package.

Now Just create some landing page where they need to choose which thing they want to get for free, fake email submit field and one button (really simple landing page).

Here is the LP I used to work with for weed niche on Instagram, you can edit it.



You will find where you need to enter the URL of your locker (be creative with locker, the more twist you put into the locker, the bigger CVR will it have).

Sending messages

Just create one message with around 200 words telling them that you’re about to launch a worldwide giveaway of a brand new makeup or whatever, send the URL to your landing page (don’t use .VIP .fun .xyz domains, they easily get banned). For what I tested ( I really didn’t put much time into this because it’s manual work and small money, but great for beginners) you can send safely around 30-40 messages per hour & follow around 500 people per day.


Time-consuming? Yeah it is, but for beginners, it’s really fucking great method for getting some money for future investments.
To be realistic, if I work consistently how much can I make? Depending on your niche & landing page, somewhere from 20$/day to 100$/day. But yeah, good pocket money, trust me!
How to automate it? Wait for some DM bot for tiktok lol.
How to make more money? Create more accounts, more landing pages, more niches. When others are on cool down, use other accs to send DM’s etc etc.