How To Monetize Youtube Channel & Grow Audience

First Step:
Click this link and create an account

Second Step:
Go to services, and look for these services we need

  • Watch Time

  • Subscribers

Third Step:
Look the price of each services, the price is for 1000.

Look for the services that are No Drop, or Refill, to have a guaranteed, and are high quality
We need to buy high quality so we’ll not have any problem after to monetize the channel.

Fourth Step:
After Getting all the prices, upload 7 videos, but one video has to be 5hours long, dont put nothing that contains copyright

Fifth Step:
We can start buying the services and adding the link of the video that is 5hours long, for the watch hours, so we’ll have to pay for 1000 bots

And that will be everything, now we haveto wait a few days, and after that you have to put something of effort in uploading videos, can be memes or normal videos, or videos of kitchen etc, there is a plenty of options and start uploading as normal, if you see that your videos are not getting views, you will have to pay for the services of retention, with that, youtube will start recommend your videos, sometimes u will have to pay this service to get more views.

My recommendation is to upload videos 6 minutes minium, shorts can be great but that means you have to be all the day download memes, or doing shorts, and uploading every efew hours or next day, etc, shorts take time, videos are something passive.

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Happy learning!