How To Monetize On Youtube


Step 1: Create a new YouTube account (don’t bullshit the account / put some effort into the main look) or get an aged YouTube account. When you’re ready, then post a new video. (When you post, don’t bullshit the video either. Put effort into the video and make sure your tags look fine and the title and thumbnail. You will be making a REAL YouTube page)

Step 2: Head Over to a SMM Panel of some sort: ( You can find some on here on cracked) Create an account and deposit 50€ into the account via Crypto.

Step 4: Once the funds are in your account. Head over to YouTube and copy your video link. After you’ve copied your link, go back to ( ) and choose Services section.Next, click on New Order and select the Category of “YouTube Views”. Once that’s done just paste your link in the Link box and for quantity type in whatever amount.

Step 5: Congratulations, your order will be processed in about a day. You’ll notice as soon as you see your YouTube view count go up.

Step 6: Repeat this for different videos everyday. I’d recommend you post a video a day. NOW these ARE real viewers and you won’t be able to tell. That’s basically it!

You may have to invest more $ if you don’t have monetization enabled yet. You need 4000hr of watch time and also some other factors you can search up on YouTube/Google.

Now I’ll make another post soon talking about how to actually market your page with these SMM services and get more and more views playing with YouTube’s algorithm. Thanks and don’t forget to leave a like on this post if it helped you!!


i am using smm bonb from last 4 months… and they are really worth…

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