How To Monetitize Instagram Like A Boss! [GUIDE]

There might be many methods that you might have used, but not all might have worked for you or worst case being,none might’ve. If that is the case, read on. It was the same with me, but a friend of mine (who was also making money off the internet) started to brag big time about his earnings so I decided to do same method again and again with a little twist until I made some $$$ and also tried a few different methods across different Instagram Accounts.
And guess what??

I did it! I made it! I made 100$ in 1 WEEK. Right about now I may start sounding like a WSO from WaFo but it isn’t that. I ended up making around $357 that month. That might sound a little less to you, but it’s a lot if you live in a Tier3 country.I’m from India btw.On top of that for someone who’s 16, it’s a lot of money. Enough talk.

Let’s get Back on How to Monetize your Instagram Account.

I would share the things which I tried and also which I didn’t but you can. If you like it, Hit that Thanks button as hard as you can. haha When I got to know that I could earn from Instagram, I googled it, and read a few things. All of the them repeated the same thing.

Make a new Instagram Account, buy followers, use follow/unfollow method and take your account to about 50K or 100K. The exchange Shoutouts with accounts as big as you in your niche and get to 150-200k . Then you’ll start getting shoutout requests so charge them $50/shoutout and if you get 2 requests a day, you can make at least $100 a day and that’s $3,000 a month.
Sounds great?? Right okay. Try this right now and I am sure that 50% of you will fail to do so!! WHY??
Because it’s aloooooooooong process. It would take a lot of time to reach 50K or 100K followers. And what if you get banned?

All work down the fcking drain.I tried it myself and yes,I did fail. I made money but it was less. So you can also try this. You would make less, but SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING.

Do this:

Create a new account with a niche where you can post some funny content. People like funny images and vides. Try Follow unfollow method and reach 100 followers. Easy? Right! NOw buy 5K followers. (Look in the Marketplace section of BHW for some good offers.) Now you have 5100 followers. Try the follow/unfollow method for 4 - 5 days and take your account slowly to 6K followers. Now you might see many other account also which are stuck at 5 - 6K followers. But most probably, they have made the followers and not bought them.

Notice the engagement rate on those accounts for a day or two. Then get some likes on Instagram Images and maybe comments also (I’ll show you how to do this soon enough). Now that you’ve noticed their engagement rate,and if they check out then go ahead and ask them for shoutouts-for-shoutouts. They’ll check your engagement and definitely say yes cu they need the followers too.

Using this method you can reach around 10K followers in about one week. Now you have 5K real followers and 5K followers which you bought. That means now you will start seeing a lot of engagement on your posts. Continue on with the method and try getting to 20k. It will take time but it’s worth it You need to patient for at least 2 weeks. You want a long term source of passive income? Then stay patient.

Look for people in other niches too . The Humor niche is awesome and anyone would love to promote it in exchange of Shoutout. Also,everyone likes to laugh so you’ll have a larger base of audience if you exchange shoutouts with people across different niches. So, what to do when you reach 20K?

Now you might think to give shoutout to people who want for $10 or $15?? Remember one thing, people would get annoyed if you do a lot of shoutouts and you don’t want to lose themfollowers,yeah? So, stop the shoutout thing for some time. Probably do 1 shoutout and around 20 posts in 2 days, so that those shoutouts get lost in your posts.

Now, start a “giveaway” of a Wireless headphone or something that is under $50 or so. Don’t worry, you are not giving anything away. Make a beautiful(a convincing) Landing Page for it. If you don’t know how to make an awesome landing page, leave a comment below and I’ll teach you. The LP should have images of the wireless headphone and some rules. Make any rule which you want. Now make a section in the landing page and write up something like “What you can do to win.” And fill it with something like this:-

" Follow my other account @new_account
Like my Last 3 pics on this account @new_account
Enter you Email address below
Go to this pic and share on your profile"hxxp:LINK TO A PIC ON INSTAGRAM" and comment done.
Remember to tag us in your Description. "

You can also give them a link to your twitter or FB but don’t make them do more than 5 things. They won’t do it. Also, don’t say something like “Just fill your email below to win.” ,They’d doubt it. Now you have new followers on your account and also collected a lot of emails! These “giveaways” attract a lot of genuine followers/users.
End the giveaway after 10 days or so. Now it’s time to choose a winner. If you can afford it, choose a random person and give him the price, otherwise ask a friend to do it or make another account and do it yourself and announce yourself the winner. Now conduct this type of giveaways once a month. Now you can earn by giving Shoutout to people for some $$ or by sending emails to those people who were interested to win the headphones. Remember, that they were not in the mood to spend money because they wanted to win and get that product for free, so the first mail may not convert very well, but don’t loose the hope and keep sending them mails.

In the first mail, put something like:

Hey %name%,
Today we just announced the winner of the WIRELESS HEADPHONES for the month %Month Name% here.
Sorry, you didn’t win this time. But don’t worry, we’ll conduct one giveaway every month because you guys are awesome.We’ve been scouring the internet to find you the same headphones at the best prices and we’ve found something that you might be interested in.
Insert Affiliate Links
Regards, %yourname%

You can change this script according to you needs. This was just a single way to earn money from Instagram. There are a lot of other ways too All you need to be is patient and also test new things. Testing is the best way of making more money. If method A does not work, try method B, who know Method B could work good for you. Else,combine method A and method B. That’s all for now. As already mentioned in the post, new things coming soon, like getting fake likes for free and how to create an awesome and high converting Landing page. Or comment below if you have any questions or ideas that can be further implemented.

Good luck.


Is this real @SaM “I’m from India btw.On top of that for someone who’s 16, it’s a lot of money. Enough talk.” OR it just something from the creator of this WSO.

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