How to Make Your Own Web Proxy with Cloudflare Workers

Hello guys, today I want to show you how to make your own web proxy with Cloudflare Workers

It’s frustrating that our ISP/region blocks some websites we want to access. There are many ways to bypass them, like VPN, proxy, DNS, et cetera. But many proxies/VPNs charge you some money (there are free options too, but we must be careful because not all of them are entirely safe)

Yesterday, I found this method and it worked :wink:, website will use Cloudflare’s CDN and will be unblocked (using Cloudflare’s CDN also can boost speed like what does)

Before we start, I want to sorry because I used my phone to screenshot.

  1. Open
  2. Press sign up
  3. Fill the email and password placeholder. You can use disposable email too (I pretty recommend it)
  4. Use any subdomain you want
  5. Verify the email
  6. Press create a worker
  7. You can change the worker’s name
  8. Copy the script from:

Then paste it in the script editor (remove the existing script first)

9. Press save and deploy, the url of the app will be displayed, press the button again
10. You can open the app by clicking this button

11. Then fill the url and press go (I don’t know what the dropdown menu means, just leave it)
*I use dark mode browser here, will be different with yours


  1. Some websites maybe still can’t be accessed
  2. Cloudflare limits any worker app with 100.000 requests/day (reset everyday, UTC timezone). I don’t know how this “request” works, but please, use only for personal usage (you may exceed the request limit if many people use it)
  3. If somehow you exceeded the request limit, just make a new account and a new worker app, and when the former has reset its request, you can use your former app (use more than one app so when the request limit has been exceeded, you can switch with another app you have)
  4. I suggest you not to use it to open lewd sites. Not that it can’t, but… that kind of thing hurts your brain. Please stay safe by staying home, and please, stay safe by avoiding those lewd links.

That’s all guys, I hope that my tutorial works and can be useful for you :smile:

(Formerly, I didn’t mention it. Sorry)


what is lewd links ??

Well, the word with 4 letters, p is the first letter, o is the second letter, r is the third letter and n is the last letter. I wanted to use that word, but it was blocked by onehack. So… yeah, I used “lewd” instead :sweat_smile:


ok what is the meaning of lewd ?

I got this from google dictionary

“crude and offensive in a sexual way.”

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That’s a cool trick. Thanks!

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Request is each time you make a request to the URL :

Friendly Websites